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Wrong Highway spins a bored cliche—the disenchanted housewife—into a thrilling exploration of how to grasp meaning in the minutiae of family life. Struggling within the confines of suburbia and her family’s expectations, Wall Street wife and mother of four Erica Richards finds solace in a drug habit that makes the world seem bright and infinite. Set on Long Island in the technicolor 1980s, Wrong Highway is a gripping novel about family, self-hood, and what it takes to escape prisons of our own making." 
Rhianna Walton, new book buyer, Powell’s Books

Wrong Highway is a captivating debut novel.”
Kim Bissell, co-owner, Broadway Books

Wrong Highway is, by turns, funny, sad, quirky, and surprising, but always engaging. It's Erica’s story and she tells it at dazzling speed, with vibrant language, and with high (pun intended) energy, and insight. It’s a story that captures a full spectrum of family dynamics many of us have experienced, yet viewed through a unique lens that questions the meaning of it all, even if it looks from the outside, that you have it all. Babies, children, sisters, parents, in-laws, nephews, a loving but largely absent husband, Erica shares it all with brutal and amusing honesty. Her coping mechanism may be a little unorthodox, but her drug of choice and her struggles reflect an important and transformative American decade. A riveting and entertaining read.
Nancy Johnson, Marketing Consultant working in the Arts and Non-Profit Arena



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