my God, how did I get here?

"Wrong Highway is a captivating debut novel."
–Kim Bissell, co-owner, Broadway Books

Erica Richards and Debbie Lassler are sisters. Both live in Dutch colonials three blocks apart in the Long Island suburb of West Meadow. Both are married with children. The similarity ends there.
Wrong Highway is a jaw-dropping story of domesticity on the skids in the late 1980s. The setting may be ordinary, but Wendy Gordon’s perspective and storytelling are anything but. Her carefully observed world of West Meadow is populated with characters who could be friends or neighbors, or even yourself—everyone shielding their big secrets in plain sight. Relationships entangle in unexpected ways while the ’80s soundtrack plays on. Life in Gordon’s suburbia careens out of control at breakneck speed as family members make all the wrong decisions for all the right reasons. Reading Wrong Highway is like witnessing a traffic accident and not being able to tear your gaze away.

Wrong Highway
by Wendy Gordon
396 pages
$16.95 paperback
Published by Shepherdess Books | Portland
Available where all fine books are sold.